Documentation Needed

What To Bring

In Order To Reserve and Purchase a new or used vehicle it is important we get all documentation upfront to save everyone time and reduce mistakes.

It is important All names and addresses match exactly on Credit Application, Title forms and license plate transfer registration card.

If documentation does not match exactly(ie full 1st name or middle initial),  lenders will not approve your loan.

Needed Documentation Of All Purchasing Parties

  • Drivers license
  • Automotive Insurance Card

If trading in vehicle:

  • Title
  • Or Payoff Account Information
  • Both sets of keys
  • State of Illinois Registration Card

Sometimes Requested by Lenders:

  • Proof of Address(utility bill or bank statement)
  • Proof of income(paycheck statement)
  • College Diploma for College Grad rebate

Forms of Payments we accept:

  • In State personal check registered to Illinois address
  • In State Cashiers check
  • Cash
  • Wire Transfer
  • We do not accept Credit Card, Debit Card, 3rd party checks or checks registered to an out of state address