Virtual Appointment FAQ

1. What is Toyota’s SmartPath?

SmartPath makes car buying easier for YOU. It’s Software developed by Toyota Corporate to create a more consistent and transparent shopping experience at home and in the dealership. The SmartPath tool regulates all pricing, payments, interest rates, incentives, taxes and fees so you will have confidence that the price you see is the price you will pay.

2. What is a SmartPath Virtual Appointment?

It’s a new way we can connect with our customers remotely to work together selecting, pricing, building payments, adding accessories and Toyota Financial Services insurance products. Basically everything that is needed to be done at the dealership now can be knocked out from home. Our Team wants to teach you how to best shop all your options on our website. Then share and save your work so its seamless at our dealership and NO SURPRISES!!!!

3. Why Did Toyota Create SmartPath?

Toyota wants to change the car buying experience. Every customer, at every Toyota dealership, has a consistent and transparent experience. Think Starbucks, you can go anywhere in the world and know exactly what to expect.

4. What is website Co-browsing?

Website Co-browsing enables you and our agents to be on the same page – literally. With the click of a button, our agents can instantly view and interact with you on our website Our Team can provide live, personalized guidance through the complex process of buying a car.

5. Is Co-browsing safe and secure?

Yes, our agents can only see our website and not any other open browser tabs or open applications on a your computer. If you want you are able to exit out of the Co-Browse at any time.

6. Do I need to download software?

No, it’s super easy, we ask for your permission by an invitation to co-browse that is sent to your computer, just click “ok” and away we go!

7. What devices can I use to Co-Browse?

Desktops or laptops work best. Tablets and smart phones can work but are not the best experience.

8. How do we communicate while Co-browsing?

Life is best when we talk. On our website we can do audio or video chat with the click of a button or we can talk on the phone. If you are in an environment where you need no sound we can text chat but it will take a little longer and its not as fun not hearing your nice voice:)

9. Do I need to show my face on Video?

Not at all, we find it easiest to speak audibly while co browsing and we can do that via audio chat or phone. If we do connect through our audio chat we may show our smiling faces but you never have too.

10. How will it save me time?

Because there are 100s of variables when shopping for a car, our new technology and our agents can help you sort out a majority of those questions. Almost all the work will be done before you come into the dealership even credit approvals too. This way you feel confident in your choices and comfortable doing it from home. You never feel pressured or rushed.

11. What can we do from home?

Almost everything except touch the car, we do offer at home test drives in nearby areas.

12. What if I want to test drive the car?

Since we have done all the hard work already, when you come to the dealership we can focus on the FUN PART…checking out your new Toyota and making sure you’re “Super Excited” about it! The car we discussed will be pulled up front and waiting for you, saving you tons of time. If that car isn’t exciting enough…no worries we can check out our huge selection to get the perfect match.

13. Can I do All the final paperwork at home?

It’s coming soon, Toyota Financial Services is offering digital contracts, we will be able to send an encrypted and secure email to sign your final contracts. Our Business Managers who finalize all the final paperwork will contact you and Screen Share to review all the contracts to make sure everything is accurate.

14. How do I pick up my new Toyota?

We offer curbside delivery. We will schedule a time to have the car cleaned, gassed and completely ready to take home. Our team will also teach you how to set up and use your new Toyota too. This usually takes 15 to 30 minutes depending on your questions.

15. Do you offer home delivery?

Not yet, its something we hope to be able to do in the future.